What is being done to help health services build their capability to respond in the future?

The Victorian Government is improving how we plan, communicate and work with our health services during emergencies. Working with our hospital partners, the department has developed a system to monitor real-time presentation numbers at emergency departments, ensuring recognition and response to surges in demand on health services during emergencies.

The system provides notifications to the department when hospital presentation thresholds are exceeded for a period of time, providing early notification of potential health emergencies; and strengthening the department’s capability to monitor demand on emergency departments during emergencies.

From March 2017, an IT system has been built to provide emergency department presentations numbers in real time for hospitals on the system. Since 30 June 2017, the system has been in the calibration phase with real-time data from 20 metropolitan and rural public hospital emergency departments. A further 18 emergency departments are anticipated to be added to the system by the end of 2017.

The department also has a range of communications capabilities available to provide early advice and information to critical stakeholders during potential and actual emergencies, such as SMS messaging and email notifications.

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