The season cometh

pollen Sept 21 2016 b

I had the great privilege of introducing a group of work experience students to the joys of pollen counting the other day.  And what a fun and engaging time we had together, finding out what pollen is, where it comes from, the different types of pollen and how the pollen of some plants can affect our health.

Amazingly they went from the awe and wonderment of seeing a pollen grain with a microscope for the first time, to counting and identifying pollen a couple of hours later.  What a terrific bunch!

Today's picture shows what was in the air on Thursday September 22 and the students tell me the count was 83 pollen grains per cubic metre of air.  We're now well into the tree pollen season and the slide mainly contained pine and plane tree pollen.  There was even one grass pollen grain, the first but sadly not the last of the season.

Officially we'll start counting on October 1 but will spend the next few days checking out the system and making sure it's all working as it should.